Dennis Oppenheim Violations

Violations, 1971-1972
Evidence of 103 misdemeanors in violation of Section 484 of the California Penal Code (Petty Theft).
Location: Bordering San Quentin State Prison San Quentin, California.
Installation with b&w videotape w/sound, monitor, hubcaps.


“Most of these reflective disks were pried off with a heavy screwdriver.  As they sprang loose from the wheel housing into my hands everything about them changed. I was creating objects that could turn against me, contaminate, spread my activity through the gallery- museum system, imbuing all with possible legal repercussions.” D.O.


1972 –
“Violations,” Museum of Conceptual Art, San Francisco, CA
Sonnabend Gallery, New York, NY

2007 –
“Lifting: Theft in Art,” Atopia Projects at Peacock Visual Arts, Aberdeen, U.K.
2008 –
“Lifting: Theft in Art,” Atopia Projects at Fort Worth Contemporary Arts, Fort Worth, TX
2018 –
“Violations,” Marlborough Contemporary, New York, NY

  • Violations, 1971-1972. Courtesy Dennis Oppenheim Estate.

  • Installation View.

  • Installation View.